You asked me what Project X is and I want to start by saying what Project X is not.

It’s not a get rich quick scheme. It’s not a magic pill. It’s not a ride where you sit back and enjoy the show.

It’s a hands- on training and real world “learn by doing” step-by-step instruction system that takes beginners to Pro investors.

It’s not trial and error but systems and checklists.

How do we get there? – The simple way.
Nothing that’s complicated is going to make you successful in today’s busy world. We all have responsibilities and even with the best of intentions we might not hit our mark. –Unless it is simple and bite size! It has to be simple and it has to be easily replicated or it won’t work in the long run. Trust me, I tried complicated.

SEE- DO- REPEAT until it’s automatic.
That’s what I believe works and that’s what I focus on.

I give my students a blueprint of exactly what they have to do and then have them repeat those steps under our supervisions so that they can make them their own.

How about the theory?
You have to know what the different ways of real estate investments are and then you have to choose which one fits best with your goals and means.

One size does not fit all here, but it’s important to know them all so you can choose wisely.

It’s also important to really understand how to analyze a deal and understand some of the potential pitfalls.

So the answer is yes, there is some theory, but I believe you can learn those things by looking at real deals. And not only looking, but DOING!

Keep risk low
I believe in minimizing risk by having a plan A, B & C. A deal might look like a great deal, but you have to be prepared for things going off course. – And they often do!

Checklists – Checklist-Checklists
Did I mention checklists? Flying by the seat of you pants will only get you in trouble in the long run and I believe it’s the single most common cause of loosing big money. How do I know? Because I lost it! I teach my students not to make my mistakes but learn from them. You might get lucky for a while, but that luck will run out and it will cost you.

It’s not rocket science. It’s a system but you have to get it right.

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