"A breath of fresh air, Robert Shemin brings...a powerful personal story that commands attention. [He] is loaded with perspective-altering tips on how to make money outside the rat-race paradigm and leverage the power of relationships in ways no one ever talks about."
- Anthony Robbins, NY Times Bestselling Author and Life Coach
"[Robert] shows the average person not only how to get rich but create, connect and contribute greatly. Open the door to a better future now by absorbing what Shemin has to say."
- Mark Victor Hansen, NY Times Bestselling Co-Author, "Chicken Soup For The Soul"
"If you’ve spent your life doing ‘all the right things’ but still feel like you’re running in place financially, do yourself a favor and read [Robert's] book."
- T. Harv Eker, NY Times Bestselling Author,"Secrets of the Millionaire Mind"
"Our net worth just this year has grown by 2.5 million dollars. I am a firm believer in the system Robert teaches, the website is a lifesaver. I look forward to years of increased growth."
Jim A. - Madison, Mississippi
"I bought a property for a total of $109,000 with closing cost. I took their $90,000 mortgage subject to, paid $9,000 to reinstate their mortgage and gave them $5,000 to walk away. They were scheduled for foreclosure. I put a handy man special ad in the paper and sold it to another investor for $150,000 cash! Shemin Rocks!"
B. Chandler - Vienna, VA
"I am sure this is one of many thank yous from a happy student. I really enjoyed your 3 day course in Las Vegas last weekend and I’m looking forward to Millionaires boot camp and asset protection in the near future. I appreciate the passion and energy you put into your courses and I feel you really want your students to get it and take action."
Mark James
"I wanted to personally thank you for all the time and energy you take to further our knowledge and education, not to mention more transactions and contracts! Thanks for everything!"
Ted Lapkoff
"The Inner-Circle is the best thing I have ever been a part of. I can’t believe you opened up your home to me and the group and personally evaluated my business plan, goals, and transactions. I loved all the training and can’t believe you have taken training/mentoring to a new level, by being personally involved."
Cassie V.
"I love doing the math on this business. Two people spending 20 hours total and making $64,000 in one month, plus an additional income stream of $550 per month. Just multiply that by 12 and we could conceivably make millionaire status by this time next year!"
"I have been involved with so many business opportunities in the past. None compare with the simplicity and genius of Robert Shemin’s courses and books. If you are a seasoned Real Estate Investor or just starting out you will find his books and courses a great help."
Reb Chayim, Michigan
"Whenever I become disheartened with the greed of so many people in real estate investing, and in the world in general, I think of people like you, who make lots of money leading with integrity, trying to create win-win situations and solve people’s problems, and with a prosperity mentality that spans far more than money can buy."
Debra, Cleveland OH
"Last week Pat and I closed on a 3/1 sfr. The home was scheduled for Sheriff’s Auction this week. It is nice to have a win/win. We have added another cash flowing asset AND we helped a homeowner avoid foreclosure. It was especially nice to receive a message from the homeowner indicating that we had helped restore her faith in human beings. Grateful for Robert Shemin and our colleagues in Project X. We continue to learn and be inspired every day."
Shannon Keating, Redondo Beach, CA
"I have found your name on the REI clubs and found your information to be as truthful and honest as you claim. I have done my due diligence on you and I have found that you have bought and sold more properties than any other guru out there."
T. Williams
"After listening to you speak, at the ACRE Convention in Pittsburgh, my partner and I decided to purchase your course. After using it over the past few months I was able to purchase a single family home in a very good neighborhood for 80% of its appraised value at that time. After doing some rehab to the property I used a private investor to cash me out and now I have a property that I have no money into, but cash flows at about $200 per month. I must give credit where it is due as I used some of your techniques to pull this off...thank you. While reviewing your material, I found your business overview to be particularly helpful. Thanks again for all of your help you have been a great inspiration!!!"
T. Seaman
"Robert, you are absolutely FABULOUS! Many positive changes are in the works and we believe, and certainly look forward to, pursuing a few deals we have been working on. Our skills have been sharpened and we are really excited at the opportunity and doors this conference has opened to us by following techniques learned, using negotiating tips and practiced and working the psychological boosters. It certainly helped me to have so many motivated, positive and helpful people at the conference to interact with. Thank you!"
Laura Mastandrea
"I have been able to properly analyze properties within an hour, whereas it would take me weeks just to know how to analyze it. I highly recommend Robert Shemin to anyone looking to properly learn how to invest in Real Estate."
"Life is great here, I’m loving my new life. 2005 is going to be my best year ever and I am very grateful for your friendship. In the real estate zone: I am hopefully closing on the rehab this week, and big news: in the short time we have been gone, I have property #3 under contract as well (and actively negotiating back and forth on properties #4 and #5)!"
R. Rosen
"Robert, I just wanted to say, you have the best teaching methods. As a educator myself, you really engage the learner and make it fun! I cannot wait for the future with you and your company. On a personal level, your generosity and genuineness is a character trait that is hard to find of an international name."
Norman, Retired Military officer
"By using [Robert Shemin’s] “driving for dollars” and “submitting two different contracts” I was able to buy a run down house for $56,000. It took me 9 months to finally close on the house, but it was a sweet deal. I will end up putting around $110,000 in repairs (it’s a MAJOR rehab) and it is now on the market for $272,900."
Mari Anne Harvey
"I just tied up 83 properties in Memphis, for $1000 down! They’re 95% tenant occupied so I’m keeping 26 of them for income and selling the others. Expect to walk away with approx 400 - 500k cash, plus $1.7+ in net worth (owner financing) and over $20k income per month!"
Joy Robinson
"In the spring of 2006, I was able to quit my job. I had been at the same job since high school, it had always been my family’s security. However, with real estate, I have more time and income."
B. McManus
"Quick success story – bought a house for $7500 (total rehab), fixed it up for total out of pocket $36000 (including the original purchase price) Refinanced for $56000 (70% LTV appraised at $80000) $480 mortgage, found a tenant same day for $500/month (tenant pays all utilities). Pocketed $20000 plus have someone paying the mortgage each month!"
Ed A.
"Thank you for hosting us at the incredible experience of ‘Robert Shemin Private Circle 2010 in Punta Cana, DR.’ I am grateful for all that I gained to make a quantum difference for me and my family and associates this year."
Jim Piercy
"I've been listening and listening to your tapes and have learned so much. I've recently found an out-of-town landlord who had two houses for sale, and by using your techniques of asking ‘what else do you have,’ she sold me four properties here in Wilmington. I assigned my contract and made $25,000 assignment fee, which I shared with my realtor/friend who helped me out. The new buyer will be making over $150,000 profit. Thank you.

I've been also ‘driving for dollars’ and came across a vacant property. I tracked down the owner who was in a nursing home, then got in contact with the guardian for her estate. They have accepted my contract for $39,000 on a home that will be worth over $250,000 with a max of $100,000 worth of repairs. Thank you. "
Mari H. – Wilmington NC
"I am very glad to have the opportunity to tell you what a very special person I think you are. I've seen you time and time again on the Montel Williams show giving your time, money and expertise to help people in need. God puts angels on earth, and I truly believe you are one of them."
Nancy M. - Long Beach
"Thank you for the many lessons this past weekend. I cannot emphasize enough how important your "worst case" lesson was for me. Even if there is an economic disaster, the worst that could happen to negotiate the debt with the bank or declare chapter 11 and reorganize. As a result of reducing my fear, I've already made one call about a bank owned multi-family ($479,000 - it's just a number) I found on Loopnet and will make other calls today."
Jonathan B. McAuley
"My husband and I enlisted the help of some friends we had in states that didn't have a real estate market as difficult to penetrate as Southern California. Within a few weeks of receiving emails from our friends who had local information, we contacted motivated sellers and bought a 3 bedroom, 1 bath home in Muncie, IN for $12,600 and a 2 bedroom, 1 bath home in Dayton, OH for $11,400 including closing costs. The homes were in tax foreclosure, however we were able to give the sellers a mutually agreeable share of their equity, get a clear title, and outright ownership of both. The best thing about these deals is that the properties are in move-in condition. The Muncie home was appraised at $55,000 and the Dayton home was appraised at $33,000, giving us a net paper profit of $64,000 within 1 month. We obtained equity lines of credit to replenish our cash reserves used to acquire the properties as well as to pursue other opportunities as they arise, and we have contracted with property managers to handle renting out the homes. We estimate that this will bring in a net $550 per month after management fees and equity line payments. We paid our friends a relatively small fee for being our eyes and providing digital videos and pictures of the properties, as well as being our agent when working with the appraisers and property managers, and they were happy to make a generous sum of money for what amounted to running a few errands."
N. Martinez
"I've been a real estate investor for 28 years and I have read all the books. I constantly recommend Robert’s information because it is presented in layman terms. When you start to read it, you can wrap your brain around it. Most of the other information I have read is not easy to understand. I recommended Robert’s books this past weekend to my sister. She has been an employee at Ford Motor Company for years in Norfolk, Va. and they are closing the plant and she has to start over. She is 52 years old and has to find a new career for the next ten to fifteen years. I didn't mention I am a real estate investor worth over 20 MILLION dollars in Jacksonville, Fl. What would I have done if I had read a book before I got started? Thanks Robert - Your books are gold. All you have to do is take action."
D. Chappell
"I have become hooked! I asked you the question about how to acquire a foreclosure that sells at auction this Thursday BEFORE it goes to auction. You told me to ask the neighbors. I did as you suggested yesterday afternoon. I don't know if I will be able to get the property, but you were right on with the suggestion! The neighbor across the street knew just about everything going on with the property. The owner has locked herself in the house so no luck there. Thanks for the suggestion. I look forward to hearing you speak sometime in the future. Thanks for the real deal information. Thanks again."
"I heard you speak in Dallas and it was excellent. I listened to your tapes and they are the best I've heard so far. I'm 21 and I've been in real estate since I was 18 full time. Thank you"
B. Walker
"Mr. Shemin…your course is by far the simplest, most thorough and most easily understood course I have used since I began investing in real estate. It gave me the knowledge and the steps needed to take action. I have since read your Secrets of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor and Secrets of a Millionaire Landlord.

I am still a full time investor, and to date my husband and I are blessed to own 17 houses and a 10 unit apartment building that has two commercial units on the first floor. We have created a net worth approaching $2M. Since reading and studying your material, I have become an excellent landlord using your systems."
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Bernardo Passariello • Doral, FL
I am just getting started with all this, but I have to say that I'm am very much impressed with your dedication to each and every student. Looking forward to a long and prosperous (new) career!