1. Most millionaires started with less than a thousand dollars. Ho did they do it?
They found people who have what they don’t have. If you have a great idea you can look for money partners and investors.

2. Turn your hobby or passion into a consulting business. You can sell or trade information now all over the world through the internet.

3. $25 a month saved for 30 years at 10 % interest becomes of $57 000.
$25 saved over 30 years at 15% interest becomes over $175 000 . Everyone needs to start a systematic savings and investing program. If you can’t start with $25 shillings start with $5.

You can buy stocks and open up investing accounts for very little.

4. Start your own business but focus on getting customers first. This way you can see if there’s a market for your product or services and you may be able to use the customer’s money to start.

5. Almost anyone can work an extra 3- 5 hours a week. Take that money and create a long-term savings program.

6. If possible, the best way to make money is to save money. Many people can make it into a family contest to find ways to save money for investing. For example there may be room to lower cell-phone bills, Storage and Entertainment cost as well as starting some Food budgeting through weekly meal plans.

7. Crowdfunding.com is a way many people have raised money for themselves and for their projects.

8. Most people have extra things they don’t need and they can sell. What do you have?

9. Two Big wealth builders are owning real estate and /or stock. Make a plan to become a homeowner, even if you have to partner with someone. Ask your employer how you can get some shares of stock.

10. You are your most important asset. Knowledge is power. Continue to invest in your own education about investing and never invest in something that you cannot understand completely.

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