robert shemin

What is Project X?

A highly-intensive “Hands-On” Real Estate Training Program FOCUSED SOLELY ON YOU making offers and closing deals.

✅ This is Not Theory ✅

✅ This is Doing ✅

✅ It´s about Results ✅

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History of Project X

Over the last two decades Robert has spoken at hundreds of seminars and workshops – and attended dozens as a student  from other so-called experts. He saw that people were spending upwards of $20,000 to $40,000 for some of these programs.

When Robert asked the students if they were happy with what they paid for, almost all of them said “Yes.” But when Robert asked them how many deals they had closed, many stated that their was no one to hold their hand in the process ” they said that they still felt overwhelmed, confused and that there was no one to really turn to.

That’s why Project X was born. Robert didn’t just want to teach, he wanted to do everything possible to help people actually make deals and become a successful real estate investor like himself.

In order for people to overcome their feeling of being confused and overwhelmed by too much material, Robert realized that he was going to have to create a revolutionary program that would require a lot of hand-holding and the highest quality trainers and online training system.

So Robert consulted the world’s leading “Results” consultants and was determined to pattern Project X based on their models.

See - Do - Teach

No guarantee of earnings or ranges of earnings can be made. The number of purchasers who have earned through this training an amount in excess of the amount of their payment for the training is unknown due to the unique nature of real estate properties and investments.