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"Just like in the old pirate movies, X still marks the spot where the treasure lies.

Your treasure.

You must be thinking, 'Wait, what? I have treasure lying about that I haven't yet uncovered?'

Yes, trust me, it’s out there. The trick is to understand what your treasure is and how to find it."
What is Project X
A 3-day highly-intensive workshop FOCUSED SOLELY ON YOU making offers and closing deals.
This is Not Theory. This is Doing. It’s about Results.

A 9-month Training Program
  • Project X Digital
  • Personal Trainers
  • Weekly Webinars
  • Exclusive Global Facebook Community of Project X students
  • Project X Lifeline: unlimited access - any question answered in 1 business day or less

Personalized Corporate Structuring & Asset Protection
  • Our highly specialized Law Firm will custom design a legal business entity based on your unique needs
  • 3-year review of your personal taxes

The Deal Zone – assisting you in funding, buying or selling your properties

Bi-annual Las Vegas Summit – We meet 2x/year for a not-to-be-missed Project X Alumni event

Bonus Package
The Details: 3 Day Workshop
We do it all WITH YOU!
Approximately 4 weeks after The Wealth Academy, Robert and his Certified Trainers return and dedicate all of their time helping you:
  • Find motivated sellers and buyers
  • Identify properties well-below market value
  • Call on deals
  • Make offers and draft contracts
  • Build your Dream Team by helping you identify the realtors, contractors, lenders you want to work with

We work side by side with you, making calls with you, negotiating with you, finding funds with you, closing with you.


The Details: 9-Month Training
Our First Goal Is 100 Offers In 100 Days!
Imagine a huge team of Trainers and other students all dedicated to your success.

Webinars with unlimited Q & A
  • Beginners/Intermediates – weekly webinars follow the lesson plan on the step by step system.
  • Advanced Investors and Lenders – every 1-2 weeks we’ll hold advanced programs on commercial properties, gap lending, hard money lending and deal structuring.
  • Learn from the experts and the real challenges faced by students.

Project X Digital
Our online step-by-step program gives you access to our proprietary lessons. Most students who follow this program are building their dream team and making offers in only 3-4 weeks!

Certified Project X Trainers
Unlike other real estate educational programs, Robert and our Trainers stay with you the entire time.
  • You’ll have unlimited access to Robert and the Trainers through our PX Lifeline – and they’ll return your email, text or call no later than 1 business day. Some of our students actually call 3-5x per day on days they need to close their deals!
  • Students from 9 years ago still call – and are always welcomed.

Exclusive Global Facebook Community of Project X students from Beginner to Advanced – who teach and support each other and do deals with one another.
  • This gives you access to a national and international investing group whose relationships and resources are immeasurable.
  • This community has grown so close that some of our students have gotten married!

The Details: Corporate Structuring and Asset Protection
Within 7-10 days our law firm will call you to custom design a legal business entity based on your unique needs. All of this is included when you join:
  • This new legal entity* will serve as the foundation for all of your real estate investing, allowing you to maximize your profits and minimize your taxes, legally!
  • You’ll learn from some of the country’s leading tax attorneys exactly how the super wealthy reduce their taxes
  • 3-year review of your personal taxes – with the goal of returning money you may have over paid.
  • Audit protection – yes, you read that right.
  • Law firm webinars and newsletters
  • Unlimited tax advice**

*It’s critical to get properly structured so you can immediately start deducting all education and training expenses (including Project X). This entity must be in place BEFORE you attend the live Project X training.
**Important: Filing fees for becoming incorporated vary by state. These fees are your responsibility.

The Details: Bi-Annual Las Vegas Summit
A Not-To-Be-Missed Global Event!
As a Project X Student, you will always be invited to attend our exclusive Project X Alumni event twice a year.
  • These events are always the highlight of the year as past and present Project X students come together to network and learn side by side. The relationships built at this event are invaluable and can last a lifetime.
  • Learn first-hand from top trainers and students from all over the world on the latest and greatest investing and negotiating techniques that are working in today’s market.
  • We’ll have panels of experts – including our attorneys – will be ready and available to answer any of your questions.
  • Your always invited to bring deals and make deals. In fact, many Lenders come to our event only to lend money because they know our system is real, successful and profitable for all involved.
  • We’ll break up into smaller groups multiple times so you have the opportunity to meet lots of people who can help you grow your business.

The Details: Bonus
Courses & Tax Packages
As if Project X wasn’t enough, we’ll provide you with:
  • Our Asset Protection Course
  • Our Tax Package
  • Our Negotiations Course
  • Our 40 Days To Success Course
  • Our exclusive Checklists to make sure you don’t make mistakes
  • Best resources to find deals, find buyers, find sellers, find lenders, find contractors and more!

Project X+
Project X Plus includes everything in Project X, plus:
  • VIP Priority access to any and all events
  • Attend any Project X event for as long as you want, anywhere you want
    • Students from 10 years ago still attend!
  • Invitations to Special Events where Robert is speaking
    • Some non-Project X events can include high-priced events which include, for example, Tony Robbins and Suze Orman.

History of Project X
Over the last two decades Robert has spoken at hundreds of seminars and workshops – and attended dozens – as a student – from other so-called experts. He saw that people were spending upwards of $50,000 to $100,000 for some of these programs.

When Robert asked the students if they were happy with what they paid for, almost all of them said "Yes." But when Robert asked them how many deals they had closed, most said "None." When he asked "Why?" they said that they still felt overwhelmed, confused and that there was no one to really turn to.

That’s why Project X was born. Robert didn’t just want to teach, he wanted to do everything possible to help people actually make deals and become a successful real estate investor like himself.

In order for people to overcome their feeling of being confused and overwhelmed by too much material, Robert realized that he was going to have to create a revolutionary program that would require a lot of hand-holding and the highest quality trainers and online training system.

So Robert consulted the world’s leading "Results" consultants and was determined to pattern Project X based on their models.

See - Do - Teach
SEE – Make sure students SEE how it’s done, over and over again
DO – Make sure students actually DO it, over and over again
TEACH – Once students become proficient at DOING, have them teach it – because teachers get better with every student they teach.

With Project X, Robert has been able to convert theory to reality by making Project X the most hands-on training program in the industry.

Fast-forward 10 years later and thousands of students later, Project X today is conducted every 4 weeks in North America and 4 times per year in Europe. We now have a global staff of 22 people that includes Certified Coaches, Trainers and a Dean of Students – all dedicated to one thing: Your Success.

In fact, we have been so successful, NOT ONE of our students who has ever attended a Live Project X 3-day event has ever asked for a refund. That’s right… not one.

On average, our Project X Students do between 30 – 100 deals per month (but it’s likely a lot more since not all students report their successes!)*

*While our Project X Students have achieved remarkable results, Project X cannot guaranty your level of success.