How many times did you want to start something- maybe a project or a business -and instead of moving forward you thought about it. Then you thought some more, wondered and analyzed the pros and cons. Should you? -Or maybe not? Then what happened?

Nothing I suspect.

Or how about in Junior High or university when you wanted to talk to that special someone but didn’t because you wondered and pondered.
“I’m not sure…” “Maybe he or she wont’ like me…” Well, You’re not alone. Most of us have been there.

We have opportunities but many times we let our fear and overthinking stop us from taking action. But you can change this pattern and being aware of the situation is 90% of the cure.

The first day I met my mentor in 1993 he said something I didn’t understand back then. He told me about Paralysis of Analysis“Bobby, You want to know everything about everything before you start anything. I want to know ‘who can I call to get an answer’”.

So what does that mean? Think about some of the most successful people and what separates them from the pack. The difference is mostly that they have a great team around who is supporting them. They don’t let the fact that they don’t know everything stop them from taking action and claiming their success.

Don’t let Paralysis of Analysis slow you down or worse, completely stop you in your track. Change your thinking to “What action can I take to get the answer?”

When I first started in Real Estate Investing I was scared of making a mistake. I would analyze the properties, run the numbers again and again and never close a deal. I lost many deals because of not taking action and holding myself back. Eventually I realized that I said no to hundreds of thousands of dollars. My paralysis was costing me BIG!

I made the change, slowly but surely until I finally realized that overanalyzing does not lead to success but tends to keep you where you are.

So what can you do to get over it?
Consult an expert! Take one step at a time.
Action is the antidote to inertia aka Paralysis of Analysis.
Break it down into bite size pieces and then keep moving.
It’s not rocket science but it takes a bit of work to change your mindset and habit.

The good news that once you conquered your fear this will be second nature and your success will keep growing and keep you going!

Much success to you!


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