Success is not built alone. You simply don’t have enough time do get it all done without help.
Think of life as a grocery store. You want a salad. Does that mean you have to grow the lettuce, tomatoes and onions yourself? Press the olive oil? Bottle vinegar? Carve the salad bowl? You get the point. Of course not. You go to the store and you buy what you need. The same principle applies when you buy other people’s time for wealth growing enterprise. Of course, I always toy to make the revenues lead the expenses.

You need sales: Hire a sales person.
You need filing. Hire a file clerk
You need a brochure. Hire a writer and a graphic artist.
You need a website. Hire a web developer.
You need bills paid. Hire a bookkeeper.
You need errands run. Hire a personal assistant.
You need housework done. Hire a cleaner.

You get the idea. Think of the dozens of tasks you can use other people’s time to accomplish while you use your precious time to become a rich idiot. Still not convinced. Okay, let me ask you this: What’s your time worth right now” Do you make $10 an hour? -Or $20 an hour? $100? Now try this: If you make $20 an hour find someone to help you with one of your tasks for $10 an hour. -Your neighbor’s kid, for example. Guess what” You’ve just saved $10 every hour. Now go put that $10 toward your investment and use that hour to make $100 more.

This is called efficiency! You can’t get rich the traditional way. You have to expand and think out of your comfort zone.
Start small and work yourself up.

To your success,

Robert Shemin

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