Deal Zone
Building wealth through real estate is easy if you have the knowledge, the tools and the financing to make it happen. The overwhelming success of Robert’s students over the years has been due, in great part, to his tireless efforts to put all three of these factors within reach of those truly motivated to change their financial reality. If you are looking for easy-to-use tools to help you find and fund your deals, the resources on this page will help you build your real estate portfolio and maximize your profits so you can build the financial independence you have always aspired to.
Analyze My Deal
Use the tools below to do the numbers on a wide range of deals and submit preliminary applications for the many different types of residential private loans we offer. Whether you are looking for a quick flip for cash, a “Fix-and-Flip” rehab loan or a bridge loan, we can give you the money you need, fast and easy.
Wholesale Quick Flip $500K Calculator
Whether you call it a One-Day Flip Loan, an A-B-C Deal or Transactional Funding, this loan will provide you 100% financing while you keep 98% of the profits. It’s the ultimate way to make that deal happen without using any of your own money.
90-Day Fix and Flip Calculator
With the Fix and Flip Calculator you can quickly find out what your potential profit could be on a real estate investment flip. You can calculate your profit, holding costs and expenses, analyze your profits over 30, 90, 120 or 180 days and even create a quick PDF report.
Bridge Loan Calculator
There are many reasons you may need a bridge loan. You may have bought a new primary residence, your former residence is still for sale and you need a loan to cover expenses in the meantime. You may be buying a second home and need a quick loan to close rapidly or you may be building a home and need a construction loan until long-term financing can be secured. No matter your reasons, we may be able to help.
Rent Versus Sell Calculator
Should you sell your house or simply rent it out? Explore the numbers and take advantage of other rental property resources that will help you hire a property manager, find and manage tenants, maintain rental property and learn more about rental law.