Gallup polls surveyed 10 Million people worldwide and found that about 70 % of workers and employees were not really satisfied with their jobs and how they were treated.

People are not being engaged in their work and the managers either ignore them or focus on their weaknesses. This will lead to poor results, higher turnover and a huge loss of revenue for everybody.

Whether your work for somebody else or work for yourself what is it that people really want?

  1. People are motivated by understanding what their mission is. Everyone needs to understand what the business mission is and feel a part of it.
  2. People want the opportunity to focus on their strength and grow.
  3. Everybody likes to be recognized.

Of course people need money to pay their bills, survive and thrive.  Interestingly enough in most studies money comes in at a number 4 ranking.   Of course if you don’t have money it will become the number one need.

So the question is for you whatever you’re doing, whether it’s starting or running your own business or managing people, is everyone united on what the mission is? Does everyone know exactly what his or her role is? Also, does everyone know how they are going to grow and what their path to progress is?
If you or your group is lacking any of these, then you are loosing viable time, resources and money. Just by focusing on a few of these important concepts and better communication you could perhaps see an incredible return on a very low cost investment.

The question is not whether you know this or have heard it before. The real question is are you doing it and are you good at it? It’s time to get everyone really together. Unite or Loose!

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