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The Four Myths of Real Estate Investing
Jun 1, 2017
Many of you have similar worries about jumping into the market. Many of you know that real estate has historically been one of the great ways to build wealth, but hold back. I know this feeling well; I remember what it was like to build up to my first deals, and the excitement (and goosebumps) of actually taking the plunge. Recently I've noticed FOUR MYTHS about real estate investing that seem to...
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First Step in Becoming an Investor - Know Thyself
Apr 1, 2017
Socrates says, "Know thyself." These words speak true for real estate investors, too. Early in my business, I learned quickly what I am not good at...accounting. I stashed receipts in shoeboxes for the first nine months of the year. The other three months, I tried to figure out what I did the first nine months. That is no way to run a business! Now I hire a service that takes care of these bookkee...
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Robert Shemin reveals how to deal with negativity
Mar 1, 2017
Most people you talk to, especially our family and friends are very negative. If you pay attention to what they say, what you hear and even how you talk, the amount of negativity can be overwhelming. Try this fun but depressing exercise: For the next 5 hours pay attention to the amount of positive vs. negative subjects discussed around you and with you. Be aware and keep count of the number of neg...
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Whatever you think about making money - you're right!
Feb 5, 2017
Mindset is everything when it comes to wealth and in this video I am going to run through why it's so important and how we can start viewing making money as EASY....
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The Seven Biggest Money Mistakes
Feb 1, 2017
1.- Not planning and budgeting our weekly, monthly, annual and lifetime financial goals:
97% of households have no written plan, no budget for what they spend most of their waking hours pursuing, money. Not having a plan isn't a plan. Blindly acting on auto pilot like most people do with their finances is a huge mistake. Take one hour every month and ...
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Who taught you about money?
Jan 29, 2017
Personally no one in my family taught me about wealth and money. Most of us are taught to work hard, get a job, and save a few bucks. You see the results for yourself and friends. Look around, that can only get you so far. In this video we explore the RELATIONSHIPS and MENTORS you had growing up and the role of 'committing' to being wealthy....
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What makes a millionaire?
Jan 22, 2017
Let's ask ourselves some questions: What makes a millionaire? While everyone has the same amount of working hours, why is it that some people make a boatload of money and others don't? These are not just random questions. Watch this video and I hope it will inspire you. Remember: if you think you are already rich, it is easier to make more money. ...
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The #1 Rule For Success
Jan 15, 2017
Would you like to know what the #1 universal rule of success is? Do you want to know how to lift yourself up from rock bottom? I know many people that managed to pull themselves out of poverty to create serious wealth. Watch this video. Be open and be inspired. ...
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What Do All Successful Businesses Do?
Jan 8, 2017
I know I said this before, but repetition is key to success: if you are grateful of what you have, then you are rich. This are not just empty words. Think of everything that you have as resources. All successful businesses constantly analyze their resources and find ways how to use them wisely. This is the definition of competitive advantage. You probably have more resources and assets than you re...
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Why Positvity Matters
Jan 1, 2017
You've probably heard it before, but I'm here to tell you that the saying "success is a state of mind" is completely true - not just here in the USA, but globally. That's why I continue to say: "Get rid of your negative thoughts!" because that is what is stopping you from being your "dream you," which is really possible if you just give it one good try.

Watch this video and learn how t...
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