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40 Days To Real Estate Success

Any time you begin something new, your most important task should be determining your step by step action plan to achieve the success you want. In Robert Shemin’s 40 Days To Real Estate Success, he outlines and explains in great detail, each step you can take during your first 40 days to become a successful […]

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100 Offers in a 100 Days!!!

Join Robert for this exclusive Hands on Doing DEALS coaching. This is not your usual “showing you how” Training, but Robert will hold your hand and actually walk you through every step of the way.

Best Selling Books and Literature

NY Times Best Selling Books at Your Disposal Robert Shemin is the best selling author of several volumes. We are presenting but 3 of them here. Each are presented for your consideration and review. Should you wish to purchase these books, please use the links provided on each page.


“I wanted to first thank you for the informative and entertaining seminar you provided yesterday, 6/24, at the Sheraton near LAX. Once again, I learned a lot of valuable information about real estate in general, not just about making money. Thank you.”

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